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Floodplain Projects

Bono Consulting has designed several hundred floodplain projects. These projects included new homes, additions, garages, swimming pools, parking lots, and commercial buildings. Sometimes the structure is completely removed from the floodplain and sometimes the building is designed with flow-through vents to allow the flood waters to come into the crawl space

We assist property owners by preparing Elevation Certificates to apply for reduced flood insurance rates. If a FEMA flood map is incorrect and a property or building is incorrectly classified as being in the floodplain, we can perform a topographic survey and prepare a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) for FEMA to have the property removed from the floodplain. It also may be possible to construct some fill around the structure so that it no longer classifies as being in the floodplain. This process is a Letter of Map Revision based on Fill (LOMR-F). If Fill is placed on the site, then Compensatory Storage is required.

After the projects are completed we will prepare the as-built survey to certify that the compensatory storage was installed per the approved plans. This involves performing volume calculations of the compensatory storage area


Floodplain Projects