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Yard and Basement Flooding

Bono Consulting Civil Engineers has helped hundreds of property owners that are experiencing basement flooding. The owners typically have had numerous solutions presented to them by different trades, and are confused because there is a wide range of solutions and a wide range of prices. The plumber wants to install new sump pumps, the architect wants to change the roof line, the waterproofing contractor wants to seal cracks in the foundation and the landscaping contractor wants to rebuild the patio. Which is right?

Bono Consulting Civil Engineers has also helped hundreds of homeowners that are experiencing an unacceptable level of yard flooding. Their lot may be the lowest of the surrounding lots and they collect the water for the neighborhood. Their yard is a muddy mess and the neighbor's yards are high and dry. What do you do?

Bono Consulting Civil Engineers has been retained by numerous commercial buildings, warehouses, churches, schools and homeowner associations to assess flooding into a building. Flooding can lead to financial losses from damaged product and unrentable space. Flooding typically comes into the building from one of three ways: external runoff coming towards the building that comes in through doorways or up through the slabs, from flooded loading docks, or from roof drains that are surcharging a sewer system beneath the slab.

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Yard and Basement Flooding