Single Family Residences – Winnetka, IL

Bono Consulting has prepared civil plans for numerous new homes and additions in Winnetka. Homes can be constructed in the floodplain as long as there is no basement and the lowest entry into the home, along with the mechanical equipment, is 2’ above the base flood elevation. Typically the house is elevated on a crawl space with flow-through vents. The flood waters come in and drain automatically after the flood waters subside. Compensatory storage is required to offset the fill for the walls, columns, stairs, and driveway. New homes also require an elevation certificate. We can help you with the design to determine whether you want the compensatory storage underground in a vault or a surface pond. After the work is complete, you will need a final as-built survey to certify that the compensatory storage provided is adequate for the fill placed to build the house.

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