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Civil Engineers specializing in Land Development

Serving public and private clients in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa.

At Bono Consulting Civil Engineers, we have been providing site engineering, topographic surveys, and permitting assistance for building and land development projects since 1997. Starting as a two-person crew, we offered services to our neighbors in navigating the complicated construction process. We quickly realized that there was a need in the community to prepare quality and timely engineering drawings for complex projects.

Bono Consulting has since demonstrated the trusting and experienced reputation we have today. We have completed over 8,500 projects for private and municipal clients in Chicago, Northeast Illinois, downstate Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa.


While we maintain the feel of the neighborly engineering firm, we have grown steadily for the past two decades and continue to learn to provide innovative and effective solutions for complex sites. As the world is constantly changing, so are we, and to protect our homes, businesses, and our natural environment, we strive to learn and incorporate sustainable practices into our tried and trusted engineering and construction designs.

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Our Team

We are composed of engineers and surveyors with a wide range of backgrounds and experience. We thrive off the diversity of intellects and talents by allowing our engineers the freedom to grow and experience all aspects of project management at even entry-level positions. While great responsibility is given to each and every member of the team, we all work together to provide our clients with a final quality product. As a smaller firm, we can be more accessible, flexible, and fair with our clients, building a trusting reputation in the Chicagoland community and throughout the midwest. While creating innovative site development plans, we also expect to maintain a healthy balance between work, life, and personal growth. We benefit from getting to know everyone in the company and have established a trusting community here at Bono Consulting.

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