Construction Services

Engineering Support for Construction Projects

Serving public and private clients in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa.

Bono Consulting makes sure it gets built right. We perform construction oversight throughout the construction process. We observe that the specified materials are installed, and appropriate construction methods are performed. If an unknown utility conflict arises, we make the necessary changes in the field so there is minimum schedule delay.

Bono Consulting has provided engineering support for numerous construction projects to ensure that what is installed matches what was designed. This has ranged from resident engineering on large earthmoving projects to assisting homeowners with rear yard flooding issues. Bono Consulting has also successfully completed the construction management of numerous site grading and utility installation projects to provide the owner with a single point of contact to complete the work successfully.

Our services typically include:

  • Erosion control inspection.
  • Intermittent construction observation.
  • Documentation of stormwater detention volumes.
  • Preparation of daily reports.
  • Approval of change orders.
  • Pay requests.

Bono Consulting Civil Engineers has performed construction inspections on over 250 MWRD permit sites. The MWRD Request for Final Inspection (RFI) is required on all commercial sanitary sewer projects and all storm sewer projects in combined sewer areas within the MWRD service area.

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