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Bono Consulting has assisted hundreds of clients in the restaurant sector bring their visions to life. Our firm has experience working with national chains, local chains and mom-and-pop operations, but we bring the same level of dedication and commitment to successfully opening a new location to each client, no matter the size. Our team of dedicated site engineers is experienced working on new facilities and existing structure redevelopments and can handle any challenging terrain or environment.

Bono’s experience in the restaurant space includes drive-through lane design, stormwater and sanitary sewer design, parking lot design, landscaping and driveway design. Our team helps restaurant clients visualize their site and engineer an experience that will be appealing and convenient for customers. Additionally, our staff is familiar with the permitting process for various municipalities, state environmental protection agencies and water bureaus. We understand that the permitting process can be just as difficult as the engineering, and strive to help our clients obtain their permits as quickly as possible.

Count on Bono Consulting to help you develop a site plan that is appealing to your customers and is easy to drive through and park. Our goal is for you to create a successful business that will ultimately become an important asset to the local economy.

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