MWRD Permitting / IDOT Permitting

MWRD and IDOT Permitting

IDOT, MWRD, and IEPA permits

If any part of the design process is likely to frustrate land developers, it is dealing with transportation departments and water management agencies. Luckily for Bono Consulting clients, our firm has developed a close relationship with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation Department (MWRD). IDOT and MWRD have stringent permitting standards – and for good reasons – but Bono's specialty is getting our clients' projects greenlit and permitted as quickly as possible. We know the ins and outs of IDOT and MWRD, and this expertise guarantees our clients will not see their projects languishing in the permitting stage forever. We have offered expertise in numerous projects: water main, roadway widening, public alleys, stormwater detention plans, grading, erosion, and sedimentation control plans.

Bono Consulting now also offers assistance and professional certification for MWRD's required Discharge Authorization Requests (DAR). This form is a required submittal for all Industrial Users under the District's Sewage and Waste Control Ordinance (SWCO) and the EPA's Code of Federal Regulations. In our process, we assemble the information for the RD-118 form and draw up the required Building and Property Layout plans and Process Flow diagrams. With our experience with MWRD, we are comfortable with the format and specific phrasing of information they expect to limit comments and accelerate the process for our clients.

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