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Flood Elevation Certificates

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Property owners are often asked for Elevation Certificates from their municipality, insurance carrier, or from their lending institution to determine the risk of flooding at their property. It is a document prepared by a civil engineer that defines the exact elevation of the building and the floors within the building as compared to the base flood elevation for the site. This is used to determine a proper insurance rate for the parcel. This survey could mean the difference in thousands of dollars per year in insurance for our clients.

Bono Consulting has prepared hundreds of Elevation Certificates for commercial, residential, and municipal buildings. We have completed these for both single-family homes and multiple building complexes. To complete an Elevation Certificate, Bono performs a topographic survey of the perimeter of the building tied into the nearest FEMA benchmark. We locate the highest grade adjacent to the building, the lowest grade adjacent to the building, the lowest floor of the building, the next highest floor, and the lowest level of machinery (furnaces, water heaters, etc.). This information is then compared to the flood elevation for the site obtained from the FEMA FIS profile for the adjacent water stream. No one wants to pay more for insurance than they have to or find themselves lacking coverage in the event of a catastrophic flood. That’s why our clients count on us to perform accurate and detailed elevation surveys.

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