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While a car wash might seem like a simple structure to the average person, it’s anything but for the engineers tasked with designing it. There are numerous challenges that come with building a car wash, including developing a site layout for the tunnel and pay stations, and having enough room to easily enter and exit the tunnel. We will prepare the site grading so that the site drains properly and that cars are not accelerating into or out of the tunnel. Our designs typically include water reuse, mud basins, and storm water detention at a location that is almost entirely covered with impermeable surfaces.

Bono Consulting is an experienced designer when it comes to serving land developers looking to build or upgrade car washes. We have worked with numerous clients to bring their car washes from design to the end of construction. Bono Consulting provides our car wash clients with surveying, engineering design, permitting assistance and construction management to get the job done. Our team of engineers has worked closely with the municipalities to develop required stormwater management plans, drainage plans and infiltration plans that comply with each entity’s codes.

Our team has provided engineering services for existing and brand new car washes, and has the knowledge and skills to navigate the unique challenges provided by both. Take the stress out of your car wash project by partnering with an engineering firm uniquely positioned to get the job done right!

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