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The logistics industry allows products and materials to be shipped all over the United States. Without truck deliveries, business owners would not be able to deliver and order the materials that are needed to run their companies. All those trucks need a place to park and facilities where they can be loaded and unloaded. Warehouses and Freight Handling facilities are popping up left and right, almost as fast as they can be built, along highways all over the country. At a glance, these giant warehouses appear fairly simple, but they are actually incredibly complex.

Logistics sites require an experienced engineer to develop a plan that ensures hundreds of tractor trailers and employee vehicles can pass through each day. These sites also cover acres and acres of land, increasing the impervious area. Stormwater detention is therefore a big part of each logistics project. Detention basins should be accounted for in site plan development.

Without its industrial sites and warehouse facilities running at full power, the Chicago and greater Northeastern Illinois economy would grind to a halt. Fortunately, the talented engineering staff at Bono Consulting stands ready and waiting to help our region’s industrial businesses continue growing and expanding by providing site engineering expertise and creating plans that check all the boxes to get through the permitting process with local authorities and agencies. We have lent our years of engineering experience to warehouses, truck stops, fueling sites, all while doing what we can to protect the environment.

Industrial sites can pose plenty of challenges to site engineers due to the presence of pollutants and large impervious areas. Bono Consulting is ready to help our clients navigate these challenges and keep their projects on track. We have helped our industrial clients install aboveground storage tanks and containment, loading docks, trailer storage, and employee parking. Our services included preparing truck turning diagrams, designing stormwater detention basins, developing innovative drainage solutions, dealing with tricky groundwater conditions and guiding clients through lengthy permitting procedures. Bono Consulting is experienced in developing plans for large and small industrial sites and we know the intricacies of the bureaus overseeing the permitting process for industrial projects.

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