Home Depot Truck Trailer Storage – Melrose Park, IL

This project consisted of the development of a new trailer truck parking facility on an 8-acre site. The existing site had industrial buildings with a significant amount of soil contamination throughout the site and was entirely within the 100-year floodplain. Our design included grading and utility design for the entire site, providing compensatory storage for any fill within the floodplain. A large amount of stormwater detention was required due to the site being in the floodplain. That storage volume was provided in a 15’ tall DoubleTrap® stormwater vault manufactured by StormTrap® (this photo shows it being installed) with a lift station to discharge stormwater from the vault.  The deep vault was chosen for the design because it allowed us to minimize the amount of contaminated soil being hauled off site, thereby saving our client expense while also providing the required amount of storage in a cost-effective manner that did not limit the amount of parking for the facility. The project was permitted by the Village of Melrose Park and the MWRDGC.

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