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Even with all the challenges faced by a large metropolis, Chicago continues to grow at a staggering rate. With all that growth comes strong demand for housing and residential developments. When developers in Chicago look for an engineering team they can trust, they frequently turn to Bono Consulting. Approaching 25 years of experience serving Chicago, Bono Consulting has provided site development services for hundreds of developments in the city. Permitting includes the Chicago Department of Buildings and the Chicago Office of Underground Coordination (OUC). Chicago DOT, and Chicago Water Department.

Chicago Civil Engineering Developments

Bono Consulting has proudly designed apartment buildings, mixed-use developments, residential subdivisions, townhouses, restaurants, commercial developments, schools, industrial sites, warehouses, medical clinics, churches, and parking lots throughout Chicago. Our unique familiarity with the city makes us a valuable asset to developers looking to get through permitting quickly and onto construction.

The future remains bright for the Chicago area, and Bono Consulting looks forward to providing engineering services to ensure the region continues evolving to meet the needs of its residents in an exciting and sustainable manner. Continuing to develop sensibly and sustainably is how we will ensure Chicago remains a world-class city with plenty of affordable living space. Here at Bono Consulting, we are incredibly proud to serve Chicago and will always do our part to ensure our projects contribute to the city's greater good.

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