Solar Engineering

Solar Photovoltaic Installation Engineering & Support

Serving public and private clients in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa.

BCI and SME provide preliminary site analysis, surveying, environmental review, civil engineering design, and environmental permitting for solar projects. For many typical projects, this encompasses a suite of site/civil services performed by SME in-house staff and in coordination with qualified subcontractors:

  • Due diligence analysis to identify legal and physical design constraints of a site
  • Phase I ESA to determine suitability of a site for the project
  • Property line and topographic survey plans
  • Site plan design for site plan review/special permit applications (e.g., Site Location of Development Act (SLODA))
  • Environmental services to identify and evaluate factors such as wetlands delineations, flood zones, underlying rights, and archaeological significance
  • State and local permitting
  • Public hearings and stakeholder communications
  • Easements plans
  • ALTA/ACSM survey plans
  • Construction layouts
  • Construction documents, and
  • Construction administration

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