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Parks, playgrounds and athletic facilities often serve as a focal community point in many towns, cities and neighborhoods. These are important spaces for fostering a sense of community pride and creating a space for people to come together and enjoy time with their friends, family and neighbors. Bono Consulting recognizes the importance of these community spaces and works hard to help clients get the most out of the land they have dedicated to parks and recreational facilities. Our team of talented engineers have helped develop plans for parks, running and bike trails, playgrounds, band shells and arts spaces and athletic fields. We believe all of these will play a role in helping communities bond and come together.

Bono Consulting brings years of expertise in land development and stormwater management to our clients who are interested in improving their parks or recreational fields. We advise our clients on flood prevention practices, grading and drainage improvements, and work to create stormwater detention areas that blend in well with the surrounding environment. We have completed numerous site plans to bring sidewalks and paths into compliance with ADA cross slopes so that the park facilities can be inclusive to all the members of the community. We are proud of the plans we produce for our clients and want to continue lending our engineering talents to communities and schools looking to improve their parks and green spaces.

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