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Bon Consulting has prepared plans for hundreds of sites that required a civil engineer’s analysis to improve existing drainage. Many property owners notice problems after heavy rainstorms, especially ponding in low-lying areas or being inundated with runoff from adjacent properties. This can cause basement flooding or lead to an unusable lawn. Per Illinois Drainage law, the landowner must accept surface water flowing naturally from higher ground and not block the neighbor’s runoff from coming onto the property.

The trick is to raise the grades in the center of the yard to maximize dry usable space and collect water from around the site perimeter. Our engineers help the property owner develop a grading plan that collects the storm runoff water and brings it out to the sewer main.
Our firm has also prepared numerous plans for rainwater harvesting systems. These systems collect rainwater from the downspouts and pass it to a large underground storage tank. The water is then reused to water the lawn and landscaping. This is a great way to improve the sustainability of your property. The water can then be pumped out to either a hose spigot or to a lawn sprinkler system.

Bono Consulting is also experienced in assisting homeowners who are adding impervious surfaces like new patios, decks, or driveways to their property. Many neighborhoods will require an engineer to prepare a drainage plan that accounts for the additional runoff or potential for ponding. This is important for community safety, but it’s also a good idea for homeowners to consider getting an engineer’s opinion even if their neighborhood doesn’t require it.

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