Topographic / As-Built Surveys

Land Surveying Services

None of the projects we take on at Bono Consulting can start without the work of our talented team of land surveyors. The survey data collected by our team becomes the backbone for everything our engineers do to prepare site plans. Bono’s survey team stays current with the most innovative technology in the industry to collect and manage high-quality site data.

Bono has performed thousands of topographic surveys. Our surveyors work quickly to complete your survey and progress your project to its next phase. Bono’s experienced land surveyors pride themselves on developing accurate surveys that can be used in all aspects of design. Working with Bono’s in-house surveyors allows our team to pass on cost savings to our clients, keep pace with aggressive schedules and maximize the quality of our data.

The surveying job isn’t done when the permits are issued. Bono also provides as-built surveying for our clients to ensure that everything is complete as contracted and to create a final record of the project. This is typically required by the municipality to obtain a certificate of occupancy.

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