Drainage and Grading Plans

Drainage and Grading Engineering

Serving public and private clients in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa.

Drainage and grading plans are at the core of what Bono Consulting does. Our specialty is preparing simple drawings for complex projects and giving our clients exactly what they need to prepare their site. Our drainage and grading plans give our clients and their earthwork contractors specific directions for preparing and finishing the site. We have plan preparation down to a science and create simple and easy-to-read drawings that tell contractors exactly what they need to know to get the job done.

The drainage plans we prepare for our clients specify how stormwater will be managed on their property in the finished condition. Our careful analysis and attention to detail ensure that our drainage plans will prevent ponding, excessive runoff, or flooding. Grading plans go hand in hand with the drainage plans, showing the proposed cut and fill lines on a site. The grading must work to direct surface runoff away from buildings and low-lying areas.

Without these plans, our clients’ projects could never be constructed. Bono Consulting is experienced in preparing drainage and grading plans for sites big and small. We are an experienced land development firm with the right skills to create plans for any site, no matter how complex.

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