Praxair Parking Lot – Burr Ridge, IL

Praxair, an industrial gas and engineering company located in Burr Ridge, hired us to investigate their parking lot drainage issues and develop an affordable solution. 

Only a few years old, the parking lot had severely deteriorated. The issue appeared that a steady upward flow of groundwater emerged through the parking lot. This was causing a severe maintenance problem of slippery algae in the summer and icing conditions in the winter. Significant quantities of salt were needed to keep the parking lot safe for the employees.

Our solution was to install a series of rock-filled collection trenches or “French Drains” under the parking lot and connect the new perforated drain tiles from the French Drains to the site storm sewer system. Bono Consulting provided site investigation, detailed engineering design for the groundwater collection system and new parking lot, and construction oversight and material testing during the work. The parking lot construction is complete and safe for employees and clients year-round.

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