Tesla Service Center – Chicago, IL

This project consisted of a 2 phase development for a new Tesla Service center and an adjoining parking lot. The service center building is located on Elston Ave between Washtenaw Ave. and Nelson Street, while the parking lot is behind the building between Nelson Ave. and Barry Ave. An alley separates the building from the parking lot.

For the first phase, the existing building on site was remodeled, adding a significant addition at the southeast end. The facility serves as a service center for maintenance and repairs for Tesla vehicles. Our engineering design consisted of new utility services for the building, parkway improvements along Elston & Nelson, and coordinating the garage entrances to the alley so that the grades were met. All parkway improvements and utility connections were coordinated and permitted with the City of Chicago.

For the second phase, the existing alley behind the Elston building was rebuilt. A large parking lot was then constructed on the other side of the alley over a vacant lot to serve as vehicle storage and a charging facility. The project area was just under an acre. The parking lot featured ten vehicle charging stalls in the middle island of the parking lot. The parking lot was a regulated site requiring stormwater management per the City of Chicago’s requirements. This was provided by using permeable pavers along the eastern edge of the parking lot along the entire row of parking stalls. The required stormwater detention and infiltration were provided under the permeable pavers via a stone infiltration trench. The connection to the city sewer main was made on Berry Avenue that needed to be coordinated and permitted with the City of Chicago.

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