Wilmette Public Library – Wilmette, IL

The Wilmette Library hired Bono Consulting to evaluate a flooding and icing problem in their patron parking lot. There were issues with a clogged catch basin that caused flooding through the doors and a severe icing problem in the winter months.

The library was interested in pursuing a green solution to reduce the Village’s Storm sewers’ total runoff. They decided to install a permeable pavement parking lot. Wilmette, however, is a combined sewer municipality, so the storm sewer work fell under the jurisdiction of the MWRD, which does not typically allow perforated drain tiles from permeable pavement systems to connect to their sewers. 

Bono Consulting met with MWRD and persuaded them to accept the permeable pavement drain tile connection by demonstrating an acceptable separation from the groundwater table, making this project one of the first permeable pavement systems ever approved by MWRD.

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